Happy Halloween – Poem

Delicious darkness embraces this night! Witches and Kittens grin with delight! . . . → Read More:

Happy Halloween – Poem

Homage to Alamo: Remember the Alamo


There is no doubt I am a Texan! The Alamo is a huge part of our history here in Texas. I do strongly believe the Alamo should always be remembered and honored. I travel to San Antonio once a year to pay homage and remember those 185 heroes who gave their lives for . . . → Read More: Homage to Alamo: Remember the Alamo

Poem: Faded Friends

I ran into a friend from years gone by, reminding me of time’s fissures ever so wide and deep. Memories of two children who once clung together in giggles and make believe, that now seem less visible like giant panther paws of fog.

Time alters more than shells that carry . . . → Read More: Poem: Faded Friends

Poem for Dusk: Heralding in the Night

Cool spring breezes whisper softly, gently bending pedals and leaves.

Lids of daylight slowly lower, evoking shades of dusky gray and ancient rose

Tiny silver sparks emerge in subtle formation announcing night’s arrival

Fat little birds nestle into their nests after day’s soaring journeys

Clouds reaching beyond their form, dissipating in thin shades of . . . → Read More: Poem for Dusk: Heralding in the Night


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