Celebration of Spring









This Wonderful Joyous Celebration of Spring!

Happy musical chirps from Robin Red Breast gently push through the silent rise of morning.  Tender newborn buds peaking under green umbrellas of fronds, draped in pearly speckled dew.

Watercolor blue splashes over sky’s canvas, adding delicate signs of thin white clouds in awkward shapeless strokes.

Sunrise, dressed in golds and reds squats peacefully on distant horizons. Ra bursts forward, rising from his underworld, bursting golden bars of sunrise in shards of prismatic profusion. Glimmering, glittering, gleaming jubilations. Golds as rich as Caesar’s Palace!

Newly laundered air fills senses with delectable delights. Ever so subtle signs reveal Tree’s tiny buds slowly emerging to joyous awakening.

Gentle breeze arrives on powdered puffs, lightly patting all within her reach.

Discordant winter returns to take his place in caves of darkened silence.

Birth has arisen in choruses of hallelujah!

Festivals of celebration are everywhere!

The world awakens!  Sing Hosanna!

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