Dawn Moon: Poetry


One Glorious morning, I awoke to behold dawn’s waking threshold. Hannah and I readied ourselves for our ritual walk. To my astoundment, Moon stood high on his throne in all his opulence!

Proud of his countenance, Moon softly glistened. A Rotund – plump face – glazed in peaches and pinks. Ebon branches gracefully tattooed designs upon his glowing visage.

Silent fog drifting and billowing like pixies returning to their lairs before Ra’s arrival. Casting tiny pearl drops upon my face and hair, while shawls of delicate dew clung softly around me like a 1930s evening gown. Flowing, Swirling long fingers of mist reach up to greet the dawn.

River whispered, ever flowing to the far beyond. His massive cape reflecting silver shards of blue, gray shimmer.  Moon gazed upon his likeness, while river turned his rippled back; mirroring Moon’s Magnificence. Gently plucking, river snared moon’s kindled blush to adorn his cape.  Like old friends, they offer gifts to each other.

Silence engulfs this arena, this stage, this enchanted hour.  I dare not speak for fear of destroying some sacred vow.

My mind captures this moment like an amulet passed down by elders.  I wish this event could last forever. But alas, with sad regret I turn and leave for home.





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