Poem for Dusk: Heralding in the Night

Cool spring breezes whisper softly, gently bending pedals and leaves.

Lids of daylight slowly lower, evoking shades of dusky gray and ancient rose

Tiny silver sparks emerge in subtle formation announcing night’s arrival

Fat little birds nestle into their nests after day’s soaringĀ  journeys

Clouds reaching beyond their form, dissipating in thin shades of glowing cerise and bounteous charcoals.

Shrouded silence engulfs hill and vale, heralding all to their needed rest.

Night advances on ebon steed – his billowing cape swallowing up the last moment of light.

Soon, very soon will awaken the other world of wings and magic..

The flicker of tiny spirits appear, believed imagined or embedded in dreams.

Was that a night creature…. or was that a giggle?

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