Hey Friend: Ode to Bailey


Hey Friend…

Hey Friend! How many sunrises have you and I shared together? In the silence where all others may not enter, you and I have sat on the gentle aura of morning glory and gold cascading colors, painted on the stir of daybreak.

How many walks have you and I strolled on thickened paths of delicious cooling shadows, gifted by grandfathered trees.  I see so much more in you than ever you could possibly know.  Our friendship goes on and on with unconditional love sealed in sacred bonds.

How many times have we watched sky’s ebon cape, glistening in diamond stars, silently engulf us. The gentle breath of night stirring ever so gently, rocking us in cradled arms of tranquility.

Perfect sable eyes that look clear through me to unfold what only you can see.  You placed me on a pedestal higher yet than I can be!  Warm brown eyes that captured the face of God but never, ever belittled me.

A soul that only saw perfection with each and every moment of each and every day. Singing silent praises for each moment that we shared together.

Hey Friend!  You have moved on, leaving but a shadow of your existence. Leaving only this enormous empty void – a void unable to be fed.

This mountainous love for you will go unchallenged, not even God can love you more than I…. My hand may not gently rest on your innocent, warm head ever again, yet your un-yielding warmth resides inside my soul.

For Now….

Sunrise won’t be quite so spectacular

Walks will only echo the steps of one

Night’s cloak will lose it’s luster

Are those your steps I hear approaching me?  Have you come to say one last Goodbye, one last Hi?

Hey Friend! You are now healed! Your steps are full of prance! Your fragile ears can now hear everything. Can you also hear me?

Hey Friend! Dance – Chase – Run! Cradled in the arms of God, you have returned to the land from whence you came.

One day your ears will perk, your heart will race, your eyes will follow to the horizon and there I’ll be!

Until then…..

Come to The Rainbow Bridge

To my dear friend Nancy, he will always be with you

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1 comment to Hey Friend: Ode to Bailey

  • Ellen,

    First- I cannot express enough how deeply your writing touches my heart.

    I am not embarrassed or ashamed to tell you that I just let the tears pour out because my compassion for animals and my beloved feline friends is so overwhelming it feels good to let it out.

    It broke my heart to know Nancy was in so much pain and that she had lost her beloved Bailey, but as I’m sure it did for her, you have put things into a beautiful perspective with your talent with words and I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for this.

    It’s absolutely beautiful and sad at the same time but very well written and true. Kudos to you my friend. I am also very happy to see that you are using your God-given talent for writing and encourage you to keep it up.

    I love this “Ode to Bailey” and love you for writing it! And yes, I am over emotional at the moment but feel no urge to hide it.

    Take care

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