Friends vs Rainy Day Friends

My grandfather lived to be quite old and was always a source of great wisdom and lessons to learn.  He always said that you can count your friends on one hand and in most cases one finger.  Rainy Day Friends are the people that no matter what is going on in your life, no matter what bad or good experiences you encounter – will always be there!  Rainy Day Friends are those people you can count on one hand (if you are extremely lucky) or one finger.  My grandfather used to say, friends vs rainy day friends, know the difference.

So many times in our lives we want to be “accepted” by everyone. We want to be the most popular, most sought after person around.  Whether it’s in school, on a job or just out and about in our social lives.  In many cases, we will do anything to win approval from people that we really need to just see for what they are.  They’re with you now because you have something they want – whether it’s money, recognition or anything else that will improve their status.  Once they have gotten what they want from you, they will be gone and will never be available when you need a shoulder to lean on or a hand to hold.

Usually understanding this and seeing through different people comes with age, sad but true.  My rule of thumb regarding friends vs rainy day friends, is who can you look to when you have a problem, who is there through the good and bad times.  Who never expects you do all the giving and they do all the taking.

I have a friend who is quite well known.  When he first got his recognition, everyone and I mean everyone wanted to know him, be with him and hang with him.  His head was just swimming in adoration and praises.  That’s until he hit some rough patches, then guess what?  The crowds and accolades were gone. His true friends were there to support him and just be with him through and beyond the rough patches.  They were very few and far between!

“To Thine Own Self Be True”

When you realize that you will never, ever be everything to everyone you will also know who you can count on and who will always be there.

In turn, also know how to be a rainy day friend!  Always be there for your friends, let them know you really care and nothing could possibly change your love and caring for that person.  This is the difference between friends vs rainy day friends.

We’ve all experienced the disappointment of believing someone was a friend, someone we’ve trusted and been sadly let down by.  It’s those disappointments that teach us the valuable difference between friends and rainy day friends.  Once you know who your friends truly are, you will count them on one hand – or – one finger.

Consider yourself blessed!

Hey Friend: Ode to Bailey


Hey Friend…

Hey Friend! How many sunrises have you and I shared together? In the silence where all others may not enter, you and I have sat on the gentle aura of morning glory and gold cascading colors, painted on the stir of daybreak.

How many walks have you and I strolled on thickened paths of delicious cooling shadows, gifted by grandfathered trees.  I see so much more in you than ever you could possibly know.  Our friendship goes on and on with unconditional love sealed in sacred bonds.

How many times have we watched sky’s ebon cape, glistening in diamond stars, silently engulf us. The gentle breath of night stirring ever so gently, rocking us in cradled arms of tranquility.

Perfect sable eyes that look clear through me to unfold what only you can see.  You placed me on a pedestal higher yet than I can be!  Warm brown eyes that captured the face of God but never, ever belittled me.

A soul that only saw perfection with each and every moment of each and every day. Singing silent praises for each moment that we shared together.

Hey Friend!  You have moved on, leaving but a shadow of your existence. Leaving only this enormous empty void – a void unable to be fed.

This mountainous love for you will go unchallenged, not even God can love you more than I…. My hand may not gently rest on your innocent, warm head ever again, yet your un-yielding warmth resides inside my soul.

For Now….

Sunrise won’t be quite so spectacular

Walks will only echo the steps of one

Night’s cloak will lose it’s luster

Are those your steps I hear approaching me?  Have you come to say one last Goodbye, one last Hi?

Hey Friend! You are now healed! Your steps are full of prance! Your fragile ears can now hear everything. Can you also hear me?

Hey Friend! Dance – Chase – Run! Cradled in the arms of God, you have returned to the land from whence you came.

One day your ears will perk, your heart will race, your eyes will follow to the horizon and there I’ll be!

Until then…..

Come to The Rainbow Bridge

To my dear friend Nancy, he will always be with you

A Thought to Give Pause


A thought to give us pause is just that.  I have been blogging for a while now, not a terribly long time but for a while.  Am I the best blogger on the Internet? Certainly not, I am a far cry from the best, but I do try and give out good posts as often as I can.  I also enjoy going around to other blogs to see what others are talking about.

While in my state of wandering, I have discovered something really sad that has been taking place.  People insulting, tearing down or demeaning other folks.  I do not understand the reasoning or the mentality behind this, nor do I really want to.  I know that some folks can only feel big if they can make someone else feel small.  I know some folks are just lashing out because it’s so easy to do with people you really don’t know and physically can’t  see.  I know it’s easy to overlook others and their feelings on the internet, we don’t all know each other.  This can leave some folks thinking it’s ok because, after all, they are never going to meet that person.

Writing posts on a blog can sometimes be difficult.  There are times we can all write as if we were Mark Twain, then other times we can’t come up with one clear, concise thought!  I do believe we all try and try the best we can to put our ideas, thoughts, and suggestions down for other to “enjoy”, “learn from”, or just have a good laugh!

I might not always agree with someone else’s thoughts or views but I always thank them.  I thank them for taking the time to write their thoughts and views, I thank them for taking the time and energy to put that post in place.

Are there blogs that would leave me wanting to reach out and slap someone? You Bet –  but I don’t go to those blogs – how simple is that?  In some cases, someone is very new to blogging and writing.  They are giving their all to write a good post, they are giving their all to learn how to write! I give them great praise because they are trying and deserve recognition for their efforts.

Some of you reading this post are far, far advanced to me, some are brand new ! This said, I do believe you all know the importance of respecting others because Hey – we want respect also.

So, I give pause to say, you do not have to physically know someone in order to watch what you say or to appreciate each others efforts. There is a real person out there who has feelings, a person who would love to hear complements that will uplift their spirit and just make them feel good!


Have a Wonderful Day and Be Blessed!


Celebration of Spring









This Wonderful Joyous Celebration of Spring!

Happy musical chirps from Robin Red Breast gently push through the silent rise of morning.  Tender newborn buds peaking under green umbrellas of fronds, draped in pearly speckled dew.

Watercolor blue splashes over sky’s canvas, adding delicate signs of thin white clouds in awkward shapeless strokes.

Sunrise, dressed in golds and reds squats peacefully on distant horizons. Ra bursts forward, rising from his underworld, bursting golden bars of sunrise in shards of prismatic profusion. Glimmering, glittering, gleaming jubilations. Golds as rich as Caesar’s Palace!

Newly laundered air fills senses with delectable delights. Ever so subtle signs reveal Tree’s tiny buds slowly emerging to joyous awakening.

Gentle breeze arrives on powdered puffs, lightly patting all within her reach.

Discordant winter returns to take his place in caves of darkened silence.

Birth has arisen in choruses of hallelujah!

Festivals of celebration are everywhere!

The world awakens!  Sing Hosanna!

Great Expectations: Self-actualization

[ek-spek-tey-shuhn] – noun

– the act or the state of expecting: to wait in expectation.
– the act or state of looking forward or anticipating.
– an expectant mental attitude.
– something expected; a thing looked forward to.
– a prospect of future good or profit: to have great expectations.
– the degree of probability that something will occur.

Thesaurus: belief, anticipation, notion, possibility

I Have Great Expectations!

We have all heard “I have great expectations” and we snicker.  We snicker because we think this term is lame, archaic – a throw back from an old novel.

In all actuality, we should listen to what this person is saying.  What this person is expecting of themselves.  Yes – expecting is expectation!

Do you expect anything from yourself?  I do! I expect the very best that I can achieve, that I can offer to others, that I can contribute to my life.  Great Expectations are goals that should be set within our daily activities and our sub-conscientious thoughts.

High Expectations leave others, of Low Expectations, very uncomfortable.  People with low expectations do not see a broader, larger panorama of their lives.  Therefore, people with Great Expectations leave others believing these people are laughable.  They are not a part of the flock, they are breaking out of the average mold.  Others believe that Great Expectations are for egoists, self -centered, “who do you think you are” people.  How untrue this belief is…

What makes these people different from the flock?  They see, within themselves, great achievement, self-actualization and a knowledge that they are worth more than the average.

The novel, that everyone seems to snicker at, is about people expecting more within their lives,  “a prospect of future good or profit: to have great expectations” Again – They Expect More! They have self-actualization!

Do you have expectations beyond your present state? Are you willing to challenge what has been given to you? Whether it was given to you at birth or whether you brought a lower plateau on yourself.

Are you ready to challenge yourself? If you said yes to these questions, you have Great Expectations.  You have the ability and the desire to grow and succeed within your life.  You expect things from yourself!  You know you are worth so much more and will attain that golden ring, that higher level, because you owe it to yourself.

Resolutions are easily cast aside; Expectations are deeply embedded within your soul.

If you remember nothing else, keep this one thought in mind:

There is only one person you will always wake up to every day and that’s yourself.  Therefore side with yourself!

For you will surely prosper and one day look back and say “I Did It My Way.”

Do You Have Great Expectations?


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