Poetry About Fall: Ode To The Autumn

Radiant golds, spicy reds and sumptuous oranges rain down swirling, dancing, floating in silent bounty.  Ra’s fragmented beams shatter through branches forging chocolate silhouettes.

Breath escapes and dissipates into frosty spirits. Sky’s sapphire face sparkles fresh, clean and brilliant. No one cloud would dare blemish this moment!

The distant merriment of children wafts resonance of joy, resting on the shoulders of passer-bys.

Fall has arrived in all it’s splendid glory! Oppressive Summer has long last gone to rest.

Autumn’s bulging paintbrushes frantically splatter dazzling colors over hills, trees and valleys.  What a wonderful time of year has been bestowed upon us!

The Time has come for celebrating this New Equinox! This New Autumn!  Gracing all with clear, clean rejuvenation of body and spirit! Welcoming Pumpkins, Presents, Family Gatherings and the Sweet Scents of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Luscious Pine!

Plump Red Apples piled high in baskets readying for pies and tarts and other yummy snacks!

Amber Wheat carefully wrapped in country ribbons adorning hearths and doors.  Wreaths chocked with tiny emulets, glorious bows and greetings to all. Towns decorated in visions created in the mind of Normal Rockwall.

Mounds of leaves, carefully stacked only to be undone by the jaunty joys of children.  Fireplaces spew pivoting, scented smoke upwards to the heavens.

Rejoice in this Brief, Plentiful, Splendid Time of Year! This Splendid Fall!

Wishing All, a Wonderful Season!


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