Sunrise & Java

I awaken to a set of golden eyes starring and whiskers tickling. It is so early, dawn has barely stirred. The sky is draped in hues of gray and charcoal, the grass is laced in jeweled dew.

Tucker, my young orange tabby, stretches his snowy paws and squeaks  “Good Morning”.

My limbs are stiffer than they were a few years ago, it takes a little longer to move around after a night of undisturbed sleep. I walk slowly into the kitchen seeking out my beloved coffee.

Making a path through scattered midnight toys left by one, or all, of my nocturnal cats, I reach the sacred coffee bin.   A yawn too large to conceal escapes my mouth in silent blasting.

With coffee brewing, kitties eating and my Golden Retriever, Hannah, stretching;  I head to wash off the night of restless dreams.  My shower pours down like spring rain, cleansing away the sleepiness that still clings to me.

The hardy, rich aromas of brewed “awakeness” gently beckons me back. Hannah’s soft panting and nudging nose suggests it’s time we head outdoors.  With cup in hand, I step outside and inhale the clean morning air.

Watching Hannah prance to a Golden’s gate, I take my position in my favorite chair that has possibly been stuffed with clouds. Her merriment reminds me how wonderful it is to celebrate the advent of today! A new blackboard awaiting new thoughts, new actions.

Morning waves her paint brush in spectacular strokes of periwinkle, gold and blushing reds.

A chorus of chirping proclaims the arrival of this moment. I often wonder why people never rejoice the dawning of a new day, as other creatures do? We take so much for granted. We get lost in our own conflicts, disappointments and/or victories. We forget this is another beginning! A Present! A Gift! A Chance!

The sky casts off her somber veil of gray to entertain the warm golden rays of the Sun: known by ancients as Ra! Spilling fractured gold across the trees and and meadows in rich profusion.

With coffee done, Hannah in tow – I head back inside and prepare for whatever mysterious, wonderful events await me.

I’m ready to fulfill my dreams…

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