Tree: Ode to a Tree

How will I know Fall?  If ever I never felt the vigorous, cleansed breeze of fall, or the sweet scent of nature’s unspoiled breath; I will always find a missive sent by Tree!

Grandiose, looming, ever pleasing – Tree! His noble branches, chiseled in constant transformation from time of birth. How Magnificent is Tree! From Shade below, I watch Ra’s silver breath pass over Tree’s adorned coronet. Shattering shards of light splash down upon humble changing leaves. Creating patterns of lattice and filigree upon earth’s hardened ground.

Tree knows much needed rest will soon be here. Preparations are underway. Leaves transforming spectrums of perfect gold, blazing red, and kindled orange. These are Tree’s ways of saying Goodnight… What orchestration goes between nature’s ever changing canvas and Tree’s ever changing life?

My hammock, held by Tree’s massive arms, rocks to wind’s mesmerizing beat while leaves sing joyous rustles, ushering me to sleep.

In dreams, I do believe Tree was created by the magic hand of Merlin. Tree has knowledge far beyond the walls of my imagination. Tree has knowledge far beyond my impatient life. Tree’s Book of Knowledge is Not shared with those who stand as two-legs. Those superficial creatures with whom all life does not evolve. Tree is shelter for many creatures, creatures who know the gift of Tree! The Lore of Tree has been passed down throughout nature’s kingdom. People lost the key of knowledge far too long ago.

Soon, Ever So Soon – Tree will slumber, no sound will pass his massive core. Tree Needs Not My Approval to rest within his soul. Tree will awaken again, when it’s time. Time set by aged old clocks unseen.

I often wonder what Tree dreams of? Does he meet with Ancient Ancestors that dominated long before he was a seedling? Does he count his years before he no longer towers over all? Whatever dreams pass through his sleep, may he rest well, for there are none as Grand as He!

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