Walk in the Park – Expectations of Fall

They say Fall is around the corner; well don’t tell Hannah who saunters very slowly from the pounding heat! Those weather people, sitting in cubicles claiming they know what nature is up to. Maybe Nature hasn’t made up her mind yet?

Humidity has returned, clutching the air in fisted dominance.  A few dwarfed scattered clouds chariot across this magnificent azure-blue sky. Fat sated Ra hurtles his jagged shards of blazing light across branches and leaves of ancient trees. Leaving silhouetted shadows prancing through the tired green-brown grass.

We head toward the park in pursuit of park’s amazing pond.  I call her the pond of life, the pond of cool refreshment, the pond of silver-blue prisms, rippling and dancing to the chortle of happy ducks. Their little plump bodies bobbing, as hidden web-feet paddle to their own secret beat.  Patiently they wait for little tidbits from a passer-by.  I chuckle as their tiny eyes take in my little bag of treats! With bag in hand we are greeted with gaggles of delight.

Sitting under an ancient oak, created before my ancestors, he offers his enormous arms of shade to cool my heated skin. A fragile breeze stalks through his massive leaves, sending shouts of leaf giggles into the slowly cooling air. How many days? How many weeks before these silver-green leaves turn to reds and golds?  When his majesty wears his magnificent crown of multi-colored brilliance?

Ra, gradually glides toward the western horizon, dripping purples, golds and oranges in his quake. People pass by – too far from hearing to know what conversations prevail between them; yet their tinkling sound of laughter makes me smile.  It must have been a good one! Friends and lovers holding hands with a pact that is known only to them.

My canvased sky turns pinkish gray as Ra maintains his sojourn westerly; clouds join hands to veil ski’s turning face. I wonder, is sacred fall within our reach?

Now it’s time to return home for rest knowing that nature will decide tomorrow…..

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